accurate, powerful smartlinks

Top Offers With Fast Payouts

Great offers, dedicates staff and weekly payouts are just some of the reasons to choose

Experienced Staff

Our affiliate managers are versed in many forms of marketing and can even lend a hand with campaign content. Our merchant managers are professional and knowledgeable. 

$100 Minimum Payout

That’s right! Just $100 minimum payout. We also work with international money brokers to make sure you get a great deal when converting your payouts to your local currency.

Powerful Systems

Exceptionally accurate tracking coupled with amazing smartlinks up to 4 merchants deep. This monetizes your duplicate traffic leading to an additional 30% more leads being tracked. This is HUGE.

Awesome Support

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran marketer we are here to help. Some of our largest affiliates we nurtured from newbie status. We can help with method refinement, campaign content and system support. Just let us know how we can help you and we will do our best.

Meaningful Reports

Our platform generates accurate, meaningful reports that will allow you to refine your campaigns. Your affiliate manager will also keep a close eye on them and will normally be in contact with recommendations regularly. We Can help you choose which campaigns to A/B test with other offers and even tailor you a smartlink based on reports. 


Beautifully simple systems. Be it pricing models, the technology itself or ways to contact our support team we believe that the simplest way for you is the best way for us. It’s the simplest things that can make a partnership great. 


Using our smart link option means you can allow your campaign to optimize itself. Your affiliate manager will build your custom campaign and continuously A/B test until we find you the highest EPC for your campaign.

Great Communicators

If we notice an optimization we can recommend we will let you know ASAP. We won’t hang around for the usual weekly/monthly “hey, hows your campaigns going” on skype a lot of networks are guilty of. We will be available by whatever medium you prefer whether its Skype, whattsapp, Telephone, Email or even smoke signal. 

Collaborative Ideas

We love brainstorming with affiliates. Whether you have a tricky source to penetrate or writers block for your article marketing we love to talk it out.

A Real Partnership

It Takes More Than Tools

Having great reports, a fantastic tracking system and magnificent tools is nothing without experienced, helpful affiliate managers. Our campaign refinement knowledge is the driving force behind our affiliates growth. EPC is the main metric we drive to increase. It is the fairest way to compare campaigns with different payment models. 

In order to increase your EPC it takes in depth campaign analyzing coupled with the knowledge of what to alter. This takes time, patience and experience to do well. Our affiliate managers are happy to do this for the simple reason that your success is our success.  

We love to educate newbies to the industry the importance of EPC and nurture them to a level they are able to design and execute campaigns on their own. Networks generally don’t give hand outs to newbies and we are no different. However we will give them a hand up. We will help them with methods, testing, templates, pre-landers and campaign content. Everything a newbie needs to take flight.

Amazing Optimizations

Advanced Testing

  • GEO Targeting
  • Device Redirecting
  • Layout Testing
  • Design Testing

Our A/B testing is a continuous part of our service to partners. Our technologies are paid on results services so it is in our best interest to keep improving conversion and moving with the changing tides of traffic and user behavior.


It's All About Growth

We dream big and so should you. We have managed to take $20 a day affiliates to $20k per week affiliates. Experience, traffic, established campaigns is OK but we’d rather work with an affiliate who has drive, passion and not afraid of hard work.

What's next?

Ready To Build Your Empire?

Speak to an affiliate manager today to see how we can help you make a start in the industry or refine your existing campaigns with our offers. Working with us means you will gain access to a great system and passionate people. These are essential to continuously increase your EPC.

Partner Managers

Extra Ideas

One of the benefits of working with us is that we can give you extra ideas on how to optimize your campaigns. The saying goes “two heads are better than one”. 

Global Offers

We pay special attention to all traffic GEO’s. When a new GEO pops up on our radar that we are currently not monetizing we aim to fix it. This means the odd few clicks you receive from “junk” GEO’s don’t go to waste.

Fast Payments

Most of our campaigns we have negotiated weekly pay for with no holding period. Drive traffic for 7 days and get paid the following Friday. 

Campaign Strategy

Driving traffic is half the battle. We can analyse your tracking reports and offer real meaningful recomendations for your campaign strategy. 

Smart Links

We can build you custom smartlinks that really do optimize every source, device and GEO to gain you the highest EPC possible for your traffic.

We Pay For Transfers

Not only do we pay only have a $100 payment threshold but we also pay the wire transfer fee. We have partnered with an international money broker to give you the best possible exchange on your local currency.


  • Working with TopDollar has actually been very eye opening. I was convinced by my affiliate manager to send 10% of my traffic to a custom smartlink campaign. After 7 days and countless optimizations by my affiliate manager, my EPC was 28% higher than my main campaign. It has been impressive to say the least.

  • I started working with TopDollar when I was a complete newbie on their TopDollarDating network. Although I didn’t have a clue how to even set up a domain, they held my hand through every step of the way to getting my campaign live. Even though I had no experience at all they made me feel like I was their top affiliate. I still feel like I have so much to learn but I’m at the stage I have a really profitable campaign and am able to do this full time. I wouldn’t be where I am without TopDollar.

  • I have been a full time affiliate marketer for over 5 years and rarely come across a network that can offer me anything other than an increased commission from my previous merchant. I can honestly say I’ve actually learned a lot since working with TopDollar. I’ve launched campaigns in non English speaking territories which I never would have considered before working with TopDollar and even run some offline advertising which was totally out of my comfort zone but worked out amazing.

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