Frequently Asked Questions

Or simply ask your account manager.

How much will I earn?

This depends on the advertiser and the volume and views you are able to generate. Typically speaking for every 8k fans you have you will earn around $200 per week. Although this can be a lot higher for adult publishers.

When will I be paid?

Payments are sent on the 20th of each month. All revenue generated between the first and last day of the month will be sent the following 20th via bank transfer or PayPal. There is a minimum of $50 payment threshold to qualify for payouts.

Can I use my own content?

We encourage publishers to use their own content with their advertiser link but keep the text the same as the example in the advert. Your own content will normally get much better results from your fan base and earn you more money. Make sure to check with your account manager as some advertisers do not allow this.

I have adult content will you work with me?

Yes. Some of our top publishers produce adult content. We have many adult dating and gambling advertisers that pay really well and love to work with adult publishers.

Do I need to submit photo ID?

You do not need to submit photo ID if you choose to be paid via PayPal. If you choose to be paid via bank transfer then you will need to submit photo ID. This is part if our international money transfer compliance process.