The importance of EPC

Firstly, what is EPC? EPC is earnings per click. Here at TopDollarHub it is the main metric we target our affiliate managers on. We want every click the be worth the maximum amount possible for our affiliates.

It is easy to get blind sided in the industry with high commission offers. However high commissions is nothing without high converting, or a fresh offer. It would be better to be paid $5 per lead for an offer that converts at 29% click to lead than it would be getting paid $10 per lead and only converts 10% click to lead.

Let’s map out the above example and measure the EPC of both.

Offer 1:

Lead Rate – $5

Conversion –  29%

Traffic sent – 100 clicks

Total Commission – $145

EPC – $1.45 per click


Offer 2:

Lead Rate – $10

Conversion – 10%

Traffic sent – 100 clicks

Total Commission – $100

EPC – $1 per click


Conversion is a major factor when considering lead rate. This is also important when considering the restrictions networks place on the offer. Some have age restrictions, may not pay for duplicates or particular GEO’s.

High commissions are a great way for networks to boast about their lead rate when in fact EPC is the bottom line metric affiliates should be concerned with.

EPC is also great for comparing different revenue models. Take PPS for example. Simply divide your revenue by the number of clicks you sent to find out your EPC. You can now compare multiple revenue models with the same metric.

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